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How can I get my patients started with SparkRx?
What are the Indications for Use for SparkRx?
Is SparkRx cleared by the FDA?
How is SparkRx used?
Does SparkRx replace a patients’ medication or therapy?
Is SparkRx covered by insurance? How much does SparkRx cost?
What is a digital therapeutic and how is it different from other health apps?
What safety features does SparkRx have?
What if my patient discusses harming themselves in the app while using SparkRx?
How does SparkRx monitor patients’ progress while they’re using SparkRx?
How can I check in on patients’ progress while they’re using SparkRx?
How long does the SparkRx treatment last?
Has SparkRx been studied in clinical trials? What do the results show?
Why do my patients need me to give them access to SparkRx?
Which of my patients qualify to use SparkRx?
Can SparkRx be offered to a patient more than once?
How do I get SparkRx?
What is SparkRx? What is it for?
What is CBT?
Who should use SparkRx?
How much does SparkRx cost? Is it covered by insurance? 
Is SparkRx supported by science?
Can SparkRx be used alone to treat symptoms of depression?
What is the time commitment for SparkRx?
Can my parents or my doctor see my progress through SparkRx?
How is information protected in the SparkRx app?
I have more questions about SparkRx. Where should I ask them?
Why is the SparkRx program 5 weeks? Does it have to be completed in 5 weeks?
Is an internet connection required to use SparkRx?
Can SparkRx be used on a computer?
Can SparkRx only be used on smartphones?
If I have trouble with my access code, what should I do?
Where should I go to find other treatments for my depression?

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